The Gingerweed Man EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit

The Gingerweed Man EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit

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Starting February 12th, 2021, if you subscribe for a FULL YEAR of Full Moon Features, we'll add-on an on-screen "executive producer" credit for FREE!

That's 365 days of watching the world's best cult, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and exploitation cinema AND have the honor of having your name attached to the first feature in Full Moon's fantastic 2021 film slate. No other studio or streaming service offers this kind of incentive and we're excited to kick-off our sale with it!

THE GINGERWEED MAN runs a successful dispensary delivery service, catering to a wide array of wacky clientele. But when he gets charged with protecting little Baby Buddy, a mysterious super strain weed dude that is wanted by every bad vibe in the city, mad misadventures follow!

The film is slated to be released in March 2021 on the Full Moon Features channel and app, as well as the Full Moon Amazon Prime channel.

Offer ends February 18th, 2021

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