Necropolis: Legion DVD [Director's Cut]

Necropolis: Legion DVD [Director's Cut]

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A re-imagining of the 1986 Empire Pictures exploitation classic, NECROPOLIS: LEGION tells the tale of the malevolent vampire sorceress Eva (Ali Chappell), whose midnight rituals are interrupted when her vengeful husband (Joseph Lopez) executes her, sending her soul to the netherworld. Years later, when occult writer Lisa (Augie Duke, BAD KIDS GO TO HELL, TEENAGE BANK HEIST) moves into the reputedly haunted house, she begins having vivid, perverse dreams.

Slowly, surely, Eva's spirit begins taking over the young woman's mind, using her body as a vessel to return to earth. Also starring cult movie legend Lynn Lowry (David Cronenberg's SHIVERS), NECROPOLIS: LEGION is an atmospheric, surreal horror head trip. 

Special Features:

Director and Producers Commentary
The Butcher Shop FX Tutorial
Behind the Scenes Videos

Color: NTSC
Rating: NR
Runtime: 62 mins
Sound Options: Stereo
Production Date: 2020
Aspect Ratio: 16x9 (1.78)
Format: DVD
Region Code: Region Free

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